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Gerry Polinsky

Gerry Polinsky - Open Water Instructor

Coming from a background of winter mountaineering and guiding, Gerry embraces the high adventure potential in sea kayak coaching. He takes advantage of his local waters, frequently paddling in rocks, surf and races.

Gerry started Sea Sherpa Kayak in 2009 and has continued to focus on his own certifications which now include ACA L5 Advanced Open Water Instructor, BCU 5 Star Leader (now Advanced Sea Kayak Leader) and is a registered Maine Guide. He has continued multi day tours including the Bay Of Fundy, Baja, the entire outer coast of Vancouver Island and much of the Maine from mid coast to the Canadian border. His traveling instructional tour de force includes working on symposium and courses, all over the Northeast, Tybee Island, San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest.

Gerry prides himself on his coaching in active open water conditions, most especially, the work has done introducing paddlers to their first taste of active conditions. While the thought of open water can be intimidating to the uninitiated, Gerry often says "no one goes to an amusement park for the food". He creates a drama free zone through an individualized approach and keeps the chest pounding to a minimum - kinda.